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SpheriCul is equipped with a human tracking sensor, allowing various contents to be provided depending on the user's position. For example, when the user moves away from the display, the system automatically plays a spherical image, and conversely, when the user comes within a certain range, the system switches to 3D content. These 3D contents can also be manipulated by touch and gesture interfaces, such as scaling and movement.


The World is in Your Hands

High resolution earth data and spherical images can be played back without delay. You can enjoy the images naturally from any direction.


More than 3D

We can now generate 3D data of various people, including sports people, and watch their movements up close from any viewpoint.

3D Fish Tank

Is it real?

The fishes, whose movements were limited in the flat world, will come alive in the world of SpheriCul.

3D Interaction


3D maps and buildings can be shifted and scaled in response to gestures. This is a taste of a near-future lifestyle.

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SpheriCul is a captivating 3D spherical display that opens up a new world of 3D culture in the VR era. 3D contents are displayed appropriately according to the user's viewing direction, allowing the user to view 3D images from any perspective. This allows users to enjoy 3D images in any direction of their choice.


SpheriCul does not just display 3D images. The 3D contents can be interactively controlled through touch interfaces, controllers, and gestures. Of course, 2D contents such as spherical images and geographic data can also be visualized.

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Kunohe-Jo VR

Kunohe Castle was selected as one of the "100 Greatest Castles in Japan" on April 6, 2017, and is being developed as a tourist resource for industrial promotion.




The International Linear Collider (ILC) is a large-scale particle collider installed in an underground tunnel.



Spherical Display

A 3D spherical display is a perspective corrected omnidirectional 3D display.

Our thoughts on VR

We began working on 3D content production in 2016 with a project to reconstruct the Kunohe Castle using VR. In the following year, we visualized topographical and geological information of the projected construction site of the International Linear Collider, and have been working to promote the possibilities of VR in various areas. In 2018, we started developing an affordable 3D spherical display to create new ways of interacting and enjoying 3D content.

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Iwate Prefectural University

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Comprehensive Education for the Development of Local Industries  (IPU-KDDI, July 25, 2019)

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